Mackeeper Pricing And Discount Coupon

If I were to choose one way of describing Mackeeper, then the best way to do so would be to say that it is an amazing compilation of a series of super-powerful applications that can help you on an almost daily basis.

You would think that Apple, the developers of the Mac would have included these functionalities as standard, but at least Kromtech (the developers of Mackeeper) had the sense to see what was needed to further improve not only their MacBook Pro, but all Mac operating systems.

As an all in one “911”for your Mac there really is very little that could be added to the applications that are already included.


For one reason or another the pricing differs on location. In European countries, Mackeeper charge approximately €90 for the premium version, €60 for the standard version, and €40 for the Lite version.

This differs from in the USA where they charge you on a monthly basis on 24 month, 12 month, six month or monthly basis.

Beginning with the premium version, it’s good to see that they have slashed their prices from $14.95 a month to now much more affordable $4.95 if you choose to go with a two-year plan.

Monthly prices increase if you choose to go for the shorter option of a premium yearly plan instead, with an increase of three dollars extra per month, making it $7.95 payment every four weeks.

The standard Mackeeper application which has slightly less features can be purchased on a six-month plan for $9.94 every four weeks. This price has also been slashed from what was a previous $14.95

Finally, the basic plan which has fewer features again than either of the other devious to versions can be ordered for a monthly payment of $14.95 with no reductions on this price than what it had already previously been. Perhaps this is an attempt to get you to buy either the standard or premium version instead. This practice is common all across the internet and not just with Mackeeper.

Our favourite features

The cleanup utility is definitely one of our favourite features and is one that we tend to use most frequently. The reason is simple – it frees up so much space on hard drive that we seem to have almost unlimited space whenever we run it.

Another feature that we particularly feel comforted by is the anti theft and recovery function that works by tracing the last position of your Mac in the event that it is stolen or lost. When your Mac accesses the internet, you can log on to the Mackeeper website and track its whereabouts. As if this wasn’t enough it also allows you to access your Mac’s camera to see who exactly is accessing your computer.

Surely you know by now that when you uninstall an application it leaves residual files behind. Well with the many cleanup functions that come pre-programmed with Mackeeper these will easily be a thing of the past.

Whether using it in a business environment or at home on your Apple Mac, in our opinion there is no better anti-virus program for keeping your online activity and precious files free from unscrupulous hackers and deadly viruses.

This is just touching the tip of the iceberg in terms of what Mackeeper can do for you, with many other features such as Geek On Demand and others being of huge benefit to anybody who uses the software.

Geek On Demand is like no other option on an antivirus program that we have ever come across before. Is literally puts you in direct contact with a member of the Mackeeper support team whenever and if ever you have any problems which are computer. Help is just a click away, and is exactly the type of support system that every program should have nowadays.

If you are interested in getting Mackeeper yourself, then locally even with the price slashes already mentioned above, you can still avail of an additional 20% off by using a Mackeeper coupon code available from We wish you the best of luck which are purchase and hope that you enjoy it as much as we already are.

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