Developing A Drysuit

Developing a drysuit starts out with a drawing on a computer screen in the manufacturer's factory. When the pattern has been designed it is fed into an automated cutter it then works at chopping the material into the correct sizes which will later be stitched together and sealed in such a way that they are waterproof.

The cut pieces are tagged and separate from one another before being sent to the factory floor for later processing. Many manufacturers use a special type of glue to seal the material together although others prefer not to use any field like this but instead use pressure and stitching to attach each piece of the dry suit to one another. It doesn’t matter really which way the suit is constructed so long as it remains waterproof and won’t self-destruct under a little abrasion.

After the dry suit is glued or compressed together is tested for any leaks by dipping it in a volume of water which will show are bubbles if there is a problem with the seal. If any problems show then the problem is fixed straightaway before the process is repeated on the next lot of material.

Although the dry suit has been around for a number of years one company in particular saw the growing need for a particular type of dry suit that was not already on the market. Fusion dry suits wanted to beat both neoprene and shell wetsuits and drysuit alike and set out on a mission to become the number one drysuit manufacturers in North America.

Taking a neoprene wetsuit and combining it with the core of a drysuit was the secret to their success and makes for one hell of an effective waterproof garment.

The two layer design of the Fusion model is actually pretty effective since the core which is the dry part has minimal seems and no stretch to the fabric and is almost invisible to the naked eye since you can’t see it from the outside due to the second layer of the drysuit.

The second layer or outer skin is detachable and makes the ideal complementary material to what is an already excellent core. It was all successful the very beginning though, since when this suit was first designed it was actually shelved for a number of years until somebody actually had the brave idea of taking it out for a test dive. It was only then that the developers began to realise its potential and saw that not only did it feel like you were diving with a drysuit, but that you are also getting the effect of having worn a wetsuit as well.

The name “fusion” actually came about because the manufacturers of that they had literally fused all the best elements of all the previous drysuits for sale and created the ultimate combination of all of these. So it was when we heard of one of these for sale near us we literally jumped on the chance to purchase one, and nowadays we use it with almost anything water sports related whether it be kayaking, canoeing, windsurfing, or surfing in the great outdoors.

If you are thinking of developing a drysuit yourself or are thinking of buying this particular garment then ou will have to search online for this particular model since we cant remember the name of the website off hand. But if you do remember the name of it please let us know since we are interested in purchasing another!

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